Wear Purple Campaign_Schizophrenia

As you are well aware, Schizophrenia is fast becoming a major mental health disorder affecting increasing number of our brothers and sisters. Like all other mental illness, the effective treatment for Schizophrenia lies in social care for the patients. We need to be well informed about it in order to be of support to those affected by the illness.

Towards this objective, WOW – Mind & Behavioural Clinic has been conducting Schizophrenia Awareness campaign for the past several years. Even last year, on May 24th – International Schizophrenia Awareness Day, we had a very effective campaign ‘paint purple’ across the city. Many students, practitioners, care givers and celebrities, enthusiastically participated in this campaign, initiating a public conversation on this issue.

This year, we are modifying the campaign to ‘Wear Purple’ – Purple to care for people with Schizophrenia. We are encouraging people to wear purple T-shirts and Caps to attract others and have informed conversations about Schizophrenia. Towards this, we are planning to sell/distribute purple Caps and T- Shirts with slogans on Schizophrenia. The campaign will also involve celebrities, wearing Purple and posting videos with messages about Schizophrenia and the need to combat ignorance and stigma around it.

Are you willing to be part of this campaign? Order now!

T. Shirt & Cap Available at Rs. 450/-
T. Shirt – Rs. 300/-
Cap – Rs. 100/-
Delivery Charges Rs. 50/-

Payment Link: https://imjo.in/ZduAWg

For any queries: Call : 99402 21212 / 9840042265

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