Testimony_Art Therapy_Group Session

The session started with a few warm-up exercises like breaking the ice and introducing ourselves and standing on an imaginary anxiety rating scale to let our fellow groupmates know about our current mental state and how much supporting each other through this journey of revelations is important for everyone in the group. After assuring that the confidentiality about the personal events and thoughts shared during the therapy session will be maintained, we were asked to reach out to our inner selves by walking around aimlessly with light music which makes us clear our clogged minds and live in the present moment once the music was stopped. Following that we were given one minute to write, sketch or illustrate all the stressors that are disturbing us so that we could consciously set them aside until the session comes to an end. All of us shared a few words about what we have expressed on the paper and discussed the coping strategies followed by other people in the group who faced similar issues. Next, we were provided with a variety of art supplies like colour papers, glitter, ice cream sticks, sketch pens, ribbons, crayons etc to play around with and create a MASK that depicts the masks we wear everyday to please the people around us and the real face that we hide behind it. Everybody used their creativity to come up with their own versions of the mask and describe it to the entire group. The session came to an end after a brief discussion where each one of us shared about one thing that we give to any other person in the group and what we take from them. The therapy has been a journey or self-discovery, supporting each other and preparing ourselves to face what life brings to our table.

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